Sex in marriage

Welcome to my site. First I should explain why I have made this page. I have quite a few reasons, but in short, sex should be, and can be something special in marriage, but too often it's a subject of frustration, or mismatched desires, or just something we're too tired to be bothered with. We can do better than this.

Who I am

Part of the problem with sex is it's embarassing to talk about. Women, especially, are judged for talking about it. Our language is filled with dismissive or unkind words for women who seem to value or celebrate sex. So, sadly, I don't feel comfortable using my real name here. I will say that I live in north London, I've been married for some time, and that I have heard about the problems and successes of many, many married couples.

How we can make it better


Talking about sex is weird, but it's only weird to start with. I find that so many women have not really spoken to their husbands about what they both want our of sex. So how can you start this, and why should you? Firstly, society doesn't help much. Women are taught that sex is dirty, embarassing and something they should want less than men. In reverse, men are taught that they should want sex all the time, and that women will want it less and will need to be convinced. This isn't a helpful place to start.